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decidedly Catholic,
  cheerfully Feminine.
Decidedly Catholic, Distinctly Thomistic, Cheerfully Feminine
I'm a recent Catholic convert
who loves studying the thought of Aquinas, the saints, and all things Catholic. My introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas began while studying for a Masters degree in Christian Apologetics which I earned in May, 2011. Although at an evangelical protestant seminary, I studied under professors committed to the metaphysical realism of Aquinas. It was there I learned to think, and it was Aquinas who handed me the keys to good thinking. It wasn’t long before I connected the dots that inevitably lead to Rome, and I became Roman Catholic on October 23, 2011... so far the most amazing day of my life.

I'm inspired by Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical,
Aeterni Patris, and the dozens of other popes who taught us that the world needs more St. Thomas Aquinas. I'm also inspired by Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI in their echo of this call and their admonition to the faithful to evangelize the culture through social media.

So, here I am! I could go home every night from my job as a copywriter at The Catholic Company and immerse myself in the Summa while the debauched culture that depresses me gets darker, but then I might miss the present role I am meant to play as a light-bearer. And, since it's so easy to start a blog these days... here I go marking out another online spot for the thought of Aquinas to flourish, yet in a more accessible manner. In my own unique way I hope to apply his thought to the world we live in, to entreat other Thomists to write here too, and to share it all with you.

- Gretchen Filz

SheThomist Blogger

Better to illuminate than merely to shine, to deliver to others contemplated truths than merely to contemplate.  (ST II-II, Q 188, A6)
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