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decidedly Catholic,
  cheerfully Feminine.
Decidedly Catholic, Distinctly Thomistic, Cheerfully Feminine
St.Thomas Aquinas
was a 13th century Dominican friar. To say he was brilliant is an understatement. He is widely heralded as the greatest Christian thinker since St. Augustine. Like Augustine before him, but in a more perfect way, he was a great synthesizer... recognizing and collecting truth wherever it is found (even among the pagans) and claiming it for its rightful place... in the Christian faith.

St. Thomas Aquinas' systematic treatment of theology and depth of philosophical thought make him a "Master of Masters" of both sciences. His doctrine of the interlocking harmony of faith & reason became his crowning achievement. His thought has been established as the plumbline of Catholic orthodoxy; a long list of popes have prescribed him to all who wish to think well. The brilliance of his mind was outdone only by the brilliance of his virtue.

His love for Christ and devotion to Mary match that of the greatest saints. He is often depicted with a sun over his heart identifying him as the
"bright ornament of the Christian world, light of the Church". His work creeps like rays of light into the mind of each generation, though often ignored or misunderstood. The unhappy consequence of this negligence is that faith & reason have again become dichotomies, to the detriment of both. Faith is now weak, and reason disordered. In Aquinas is the recovery and perfection of both, waiting to be retrieved.

The Apotheosis of St. Thomas Aquinas

Better to illuminate than merely to shine, to deliver to others contemplated truths than merely to contemplate.  (ST II-II, Q 188, A6)
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Thomistic food for thought:
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